Tristan Powell

Program Manager at Reece

I engaged Bernd in order to develop my leadership skills, an area of my role where I was particularly struggling.

Bernd's ability to listen with empathy and intent helps to draw out the nuances that you don't even know you're keeping buried. He guides the conversations to explore and test your assumptions with consummate skill and is adept at switching between coaching and mentoring where necessary.

Working with Bernd allowed me to recognise where my behaviour and mindset were getting in the way, and to start developing a toolbox to become a more effective communicator. He is able to bring a range of options to the engagement, and tailor his guidance to suit your needs. Bernd's help has allowed me to dramatically improve my relationship with my teams, and more generally how I engage with everyone in my personal and professional life.

I strongly recommend Bernd to anyone who is seeking to take the next steps in their journey of self-improvement.

Our services referred to in this testimonial are: Agile One-on-One Coaching

Owen FitzGerald

Delivery Lead at Reece Pty Ltd

  • Each and every session has left me with at least one “Aha” moment.  Whether it be a new technique, way of thinking, framework it’s always eye-opening and invaluable.  He’s a veritable font of knowledge!
  • His ability to just slightly twist or nudge a way of thinking will often lead to a complete shift in perception.  Often times the realisation that you’ve based previous actions on nothing more than assumptions and ingrained behaviours.
  • Bernd’s skill in encouraging people to really think about their behaviours, habits and techniques is invaluable and almost impossible to achieve by yourself.
  • One of Bernd’s key skills in helping people mentally unshackle themselves and evolve is an ability to ‘listen between the words’.
  • We’re all so used to behaving in a certain manner and have done for years.  His encouragement in challenging that is really the key to growing.
  • To top it off Bernd is easy going, genuine and incredibly passionate about helping others grow and improve.
  • Bernd has helped me grow as an individual more in months than I feel I have in years.  I value my time with him more than all the training or mentoring I’ve ever had.

Our services referred to in this testimonial are: Agile One-on-One Coaching

Lailani Burra

CEO, .id – the population experts

I first met Bernd when we were looking for an Agile coach for one of our teams. He was one of two coaches that we interviewed. His clarity of thinking, curiosity about us, and exuberance for his subject made it a no-brainer to decide to work with him.

We definitely got more than we bargained for! Our organisation is fundamentally changed in the three years we have been working together.

When I met Bernd, .id was a successful medium-sized enterprise. Loyal clients, loyal people, highly profitable and doing good work. And we were stuck, having been fairly naive in our transition from a start-up to a mature enterprise.

We knew what kind of company we wanted to be – progressive, effective, thriving and fun. We knew why - good for our people, good for our clients and good for society. We didn’t know how to create the right environment to sustain this as we grew.

Bernd challenges us, helps us take an honest, yet compassionate, look at ourselves and gives us the confidence to undertake deep changes.

Bernd trains us in Agile principles, coaches several of our teams, runs company-wide workshops, facilitates Board retreats and provides me with weekly coaching. His knowledge of business models, systems and frameworks; adherence to first principles; expert coaching and facilitation skills are central to progressing our vision of building a focussed, supportive, and productive company.

Our company is 115% more profitable today than it was when we started working with Bernd and we are working more sustainably.

This hasn’t been without its challenges. Bernd’s approach is often counterintuitive. Not everyone understands it or likes it at first. One of our teams was so confronted by their work with Bernd that they sacked him …. a process that he facilitated. Then they asked him back.

People have asked me why I need a coach. I have a strategic mind and know our business intimately. I say that’s exactly why I need a coach – someone who sees things differently and sheds new light on old ideas. I find it energising and incredibly rewarding picking apart entrenched problems and finding new solutions. I’m regularly inspired by Bernd’s knowledge of models, theories and processes, refreshed by the humanity of his approach, and grateful for clarity he brings to complex problems.

He encourages me to approach problems with genuine curiosity and an attitude of mutual learning, which changes the dynamics in our workplace to one where autonomy, honesty, creativity and learning are truly a driving force. The lessons I have learned with Bernd are applicable more broadly in my life, so the benefit is magnified.

If you are looking for a more meaningful way to work yourself, or to design a working environment that encourages stimulation, challenge, creativity, integrity, discipline and progress, Bernd can help you turn that idea from a possibility into reality.

Our services referred to in this testimonial are: Agile Coaching, Agile Training, Agile One-on-One Coaching

Bernadette Buerkle

Associate Director Technology Services and Strategy at Swinburne University of Technology

Bernd presented an introduction to Agile to staff from a number of different University areas in a fun and engaging way.  I received enthusiastic comments from senior managers and others following the presentation and recommend Bernd as an entertaining presenter who is able to clearly communicate to non-IT people the rationale behind Agile and potential benefits of adopting Agile practices in their teams.

Our services referred to in this testimonial are: Speaking Engagements

Simon Hope

Development Manager at Geoplex

I've seen Bernd present on NPS for Agile Environments twice. He delivers his content with energy, enthusiasm and an infectious passion. Bernd's style is careful and considered and he easily engages his audience. Specifically, he introduced our team to the Net Promotor System and was able to confidently offer advice on how we could use it to illicit feedback in many settings. I would recommend Bernd as a speaker.

Our services referred to in this testimonial are: Speaking Engagements

Tal Rotbart

Development Practice Manager at SEEK

Bernd generously agreed to hold an encore presentation of his LAST conference ‘Agile Management Innovation’ session at the SEEK offices to our Product Development & Strategy team. The talk inspired many in our midst to trial innovative practices. For example ‘Office Hours’ have started popping up across the development organisation, we have had members of our development team audit inbound Customer Service calls for additional customer empathy and even a Happiness Index Histogram made an appearance. In feedback we collected from participants in the session, over 90% found the talk relevant to their job and 95% found it interesting – very high numbers. I would highly recommend Bernd as both a speaker and as an Agile coach.

Our services referred to in this testimonial are: Speaking Engagements

Terrence Benade

Web Development Manager at MYOB

I was fortunate enough to see Bernd present at the Melbourne LAST conference. I found his style and authenticity admirable, so much so we had him come in and present “Agile Management Innovations” to both technologists and business stakeholders. Through his eclectic mix of stories and real-world expertise, he left the audience inspired. The AMI message has already started to light little fires of innovative change throughout the organisation.

Our services referred to in this testimonial are: Speaking Engagements

Herry Wiputra

Delivery Manager - Customer Systems at REA Group

Bernd is a thought leader that is well regarded in the Agile community. I've had the privilege of listening to his presentation about Agile Management Innovation and I came out from the session inspired to do more change, just not myself but things that are within my sphere of influence. If you need someone to inspire your organisation or institute a change, I would not hesitate to recommend Bernd.

Our services referred to in this testimonial are: Speaking Engagements