Agile Coaching

Agile CoachingWhat is Agile Coaching?

Agile coaching helps organisations to apply Agile values, principles, and practices on different levels, such as individuals, teams, departments, management, or whole organisations. Agile coaching is done by one or several Agile coaches.

The amount of Agile coaching necessary for an organisation depends on the challenges the organisation face and on the quality of the current Agile implementation. Some organisations require only one day of Agile coaching per month, while others benefit from several days per week.

A special form of Agile coaching is Agile one-on-one coaching.

What is an Agile Coach?

The Agile coach's role is to…
* …coach, aka personal coaching, i.e. taking care of and being responsible for the process on behalf of the client,
* …facilitate, aka moderating, i.e. the same as coaching, but in a meeting or group context rather than for individuals,
* …teach, i.e. have the skill to offer knowledge when its needed,
* …mentor, i.e. support a mentee on their way,
* …be an Agile expert, i.e. have the knowledge, behaviours, skills, values, and preferences of Agile Software Development,
* …be an Agile practitioner, i.e. have the skill to apply Agile expertise in a given situation,
* …be a technical master, i.e. be able to support teams on a technical level,
* …be a business master, i.e. be able to support management on a strategic and organisational level,
* …be a transformational master, i.e. be a catalyst for change within the organisation,
(see "Developing Great Agile Coaches" by Michael K. Spayd and Lyssa Adkins)