Agile One-on-one Coaching

iStock_000009239773MediumWhat is Agile One-on-one Coaching?

Agile one-on-one coaching is Agile coaching with individuals rather than with groups and organisations. There's a bigger emphasis on the coaching and mentoring part when it comes to one-on-one coaching. Here are a few examples of people who seek Agile one-on-one coaching:

  • a developer, who seeks to become an Agile coach on her own
  • an Agile consultant, who seeks guidance with challenges he faces with certain clients
  • an Agile consultant, who seeks a sparring partner regarding ideas for his own organisation
  • an Iteration Manager, who seeks to find ways to personally improve herself
  • a middle manager, who seeks ways to improve his relationship with her employees
  • a CTO, who seeks to become better in organising his department

Agile One-on-one CoachingHow is Agile One-on-one Coaching Done?

Agile one-on-one coaching can be done face-to-face or remotely (via phone, Skype, Google Hangout, etc.). There are usually two ways how long and how often Agile one-on-one coaching is done:

  • continuous: Weekly or biweekly for one hour, to have a constant trigger for change in a certain direction.
  • on demand: One or several hours up to a whole day, to work on a specific problem.