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 What is this?

You are looking at Bold Mover’s Top 100 Value Card set. Values underpin everything we do, both at work and in our personal lives. However, when asked what your values are, people often draw a blank. We decided to create this set of value cards to help people and organisations delve into the topic of values and explore which values are important and which are not) to them. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

 What's a value?

Values are
(1) standards, principles, virtues, or needs that a person or a group of people believe is of importance to them and that support and nourish their life;
(2) of intrinsic nature, i.e. they are of such essential characteristic that they can't be substituted in any other way (similar to first principles); and
(3) provide meaning and purpose (the "Why") and guide attitude and behaviour (the “How”).
All values in this set meet all of the criteria above. Based on these criteria, we excluded emotions, material goods, places, relationships, roles, and actions.

 Who are we?

These cards were created by Madeline Clarke and Bernd Schiffer from Bold Mover.


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Who are we?
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